About us

Who We Are

  • Established in 2016 driven by Passion and Determination to excel in his chosen field. Founder Tony Modola has come full circle. Starting from humble beginnings after a complete 360 on career choices later in life. After a decade of working as a Construction supervisor for some of Melbourne’s leading builders he was able to hone in on his craft. With the desire and drive to improve what he had already learnt, the decision in the end was easy. After only four years he has secured his position in a competitive industry by offering ease of process and clear expectations for all stakeholders.

    Tony Modola


    “It takes a purpose to wake up every day wanting to improve on yesterday. Even little wins should be enough when all that matters is being true to who you are”.

    When you find the true meaning of self don’t be afraid to strive for more.

  • With a Strong history in Sales Management and underlying passion and eye for Design, Vanessa created a successful business of her own as an Artisan. Given the opportunity to Join forces with Mod2 Building Co and you use past experiences and skills to build on something that ultimately created the spark and drive she longed for in a career path, in her words “it was a No brainer”. Vanessa has been able to excel in the creative world of design with the help of like-minded peers under her direction within the industry. Creating a space at Mod 2 building Co that clients can come and make selections and envisage the final outcome of their project.

    Vanessa Modola


    “The design & style of one’s environment creates the freedom of mind that promotes inspiration, a home should capture the personality of its owner making it a haven of comfort and the place to call home”.

What We Offer

  • Development

    Growth & Progress are direct outcomes of this service. The processes with in permit you to enjoy the reason why you set to develop in the first place.

  • Duplex Townhouse

    With limited land available around Melbourne it’s hard to go past areas we love. Working together with our team of consultants will allow the freedom and flexibility to create a home or investment property.

  • Multiple Units

    Step it up whether it’s time to create a nest egg or just challenge the norm.

  • Custom Build

    Everybody deserves to live out the DREAM and for some, it’s boats. For others, cars. But this may be yours.

  • Design & Style

    Style reflects personality, it also adds a level of comfort creating a home not just a house. We need to draw on emotions. Understanding this is a personal sanctuary.